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My Favorite Hair Accessory--and Three Ways to Wear It!

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One thing I love about springtime is finally taking off the beanie. Beanies are cute and all, but it’s so much more fun to accessorize in other ways. I love putting scarves in my hair, especially because I find there are so many different ways to wear them. You can go retro like Rosie the Riveter, tie them around buns or ponytails, or wear them as headbands with off-center knots. They turn a messy top-knot into a cute-messy top-knot. My little secret is to hide many, many, many days of unwashed hair under these scarves. (Don’t knock it ’til you try it!)

I have been buying a lot of wired hair scarves lately. The wire makes it so easy to tie them in different ways and they even stay on better! I’ve seen them sold at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, and both have a lot of options as far as fabric types, colors and patterns.

My go to tie styles are pictured below. I named them all appropriately.

Little Bunny Ears.
Just twist once or twice and adjust each “ear” to stick up however you like!

Wannabe Turban Twist.
Twist once, then tuck each loose end underneath the scarf so it’s nice and flat.

Smell the Rosebud.
Twist like you’re winding a clock until both ends are hidden and it looks like a little rosebud.

Here are a few places to get your own wired scarves!

American Apparel Floral Chiffon Twist Scarf
American Apparel Velvet Twist Scarf
Through the Wire Headband from ModCloth

Throughout the month of March, I’m doing a daily hair accessory challenge and documenting it over at my blog, Hairdresser On Fire. It’s been a great way to chase the March blues away while winter transitions into spring.

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