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Nailed It!

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This past year, I’ve been more into nail polish than I can ever remember being before. I know we all go through phases, but lately I just cannot get enough of different polish choices. I’m powerless to resist the shiny new displays at my local Sephora and ULTA stores, and don’t even get me started on drugstore shades… I think every time I run into CVS to buy toothpaste, I leave with another three polishes. It’s kind of crazy. And it makes it really hard to pick a new shade when I’m sitting down to give myself a manicure at home, because every time I decide on one, I see another cool color I bought recently that I also want to try on. It’s very annoying! (A smart person would probably just say to buy less polish, but where’s the fun in that?)
This past weekend, I was hitting up Sephora to do some damage with my 20 percent off coupon for being a V.I.B (Very Important Beauty Insider—I feel so fancy!) when I stumbled across some of the new nails inc. holiday collections. My local store carried the new duos–The Donmar Collection, The Wyndham Collection and The Old Vic Collection. Each set is $20 and contains a colored polish and an Overglaze top coat that’s meant to be layered on top for a dramatic effect.
I spent about thirty minutes (no exaggeration) trying to decide which one of the three I was going to get because I already had a bag full of products, and even I couldn’t justify buying more than one set. I finally settled on The Donmar Collection because it just spoke to me more than the others did. It was the one I just did not want to put down. I’m so glad that I picked it, because as I’m sitting here admiring the way it looks on my nails, I couldn’t love it more.
The base lacquer in The Donmar Collection is the Plum Black Chelsea Polish, and that’s a good description of the shade—it’s a deep, dark shade of plum that looks almost black. It looks good by itself, very chic and sophisticated, but when you layer the Donmar Overglaze Top Coat over it, the polish just comes alive. The top coat is made up of irregular red and green particles, and when you layer it on top of another polish, it creates a holographic effect. It’s so, so pretty and definitely unlike any other polish in my collection. I almost don’t even know how to describe it because it’s so unique. The polish kind of looks like it’s glowing and depending on the light, it can appear gold, brown, green or red. It’s almost like my nails are lit from within. I can’t stop staring at them, and now the big problem is that I want the other two sets, too. Damn you, nails inc.! Stop making such gorgeous polishes! 

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