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New Beauty: Predictions for 2013

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If you spent last year refining your pointy nails, rosy cheeks and red lips, you’re in for a few surprises in 2013—and some of the same. After all, fashion and beauty trends come and go, but you can count on the wearable ones to stick around for awhile.

Red lips go from retro to deeper, sultrier scarlet. The daring among you may push them into vixen territory with shades of ruby that border on berry.

First there was BB cream heard around the world, now CC creams are coming and bringing more benefits (color correcting and skin brightening) and more coverage than their multitasking brethren. One to try: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream.

Metallic eye shadow used to be an evening-only affair, but brands like Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani are making shimmer more subtle and user-friendly with creamy yet stay put formulas.

Everything is illuminated. From radiance-boosting primers to luminous foundations, a layer of luster is the surest way to fake a healthy glow. Try: Laura Mercier Primer in Radiance and BECCA Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation.
Make room in the medicine cabinet. This year no skincare routine will be complete without a brightening serum. Look for sunspot zapping, skintone-correcting products natural lightening agents like mushroom and licorice root. Try: Suki Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum

If spring runways are any indication, nail polish is headed into pastel territory. These candy-coated lacquers are creamier than most and prettier than the foundation-hued nudes of yore. Think cotton candy, lilac and lemon meringue. 
When it comes to hair, less is more and more is less. Ponies are lowerbeach waves are bigger (bordering on rocker), buns get creative—and continue to be our saving grace on lazy weekday mornings.


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