Obligatory (Totally Cute!) Patriotic Manicure

Is there any more festive way to celebrate a holiday than by fun nail art?  Of course any patriotic manicure for July 4th has to have red, white and blue and I decided to incorporate both stars and stripes in this easy and fun tape manicure!  For this manicure you will need a red, white and blue nail polish, scotch tape and a nail polish with star glitter if you want to add stars!

First, you need to paint your base color.  Since most colors pop over white, I recommend starting with the white first.  I used Milani White on the Spot since it’s opaque in two coats and a fast dry nail polish!  I like to use a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to just make sure it’s dry and to speed up the process before step two.

Now it’s time to put down the tape.  I wanted to do diagonal stripes so I placed the tape at about a 45 degree angle so only a third of the nail is showing, which will become the first color.  Make sure you place the tape against the palm of your hand a few times and pull off to make it less sticky before placing it down.  Play around with placement if you want each of your nails to look different!

I chose to use red as my first color (although it doesn’t matter which you do first) so I used my favorite jewel toned red, Butter London Knees Up!  I painted the exposed nail to over the tape and then carefully pulled the tape up to make a clean line.  Then, I used another coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal it in and let the nail dry more quickly before the next step!

Now it’s time to make the last stripe.  Prepare your tape again by sticking it against your palm to get some of the stickiness off and place it at the same angle as the first stripe, leaving equal space of the white in between. 

The same way you did the red, now paint the blue polish.  I chose China Glaze Splish Splash from the new Neon Collection because I loved how bright and shimmery it looked!  Plus it really pops over the white!  One more coat of top coat on these nails and it’s time to add the stars if you like!

I found this polish at Forever 21 last week and knew it would be perfect since it’s blue stars; however, many drugstore brands also sell a star glitter nail polish!  You could also buy loose star glitter, paint a coat of clear and with tweezers, carefully place the stars on your nails.  Or you can just leave it at the stripes!  It’s up to you!  One more coat of top coat over the stars and voila!  A perfect stars and stripes manicure for the Fourth of July!


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