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Out Damn Spot! 5 Sun Damage Solutions

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The quest for flawless undoubtedly began long before photoshopping made it look so easy. Thankfully, skincare ingredients and high-tech beauty treatments have kept up, giving us a fighting chance for perfection—if you're diligent. Here, five ways to banish sun spots and pesky pigmentation once and for all. 

Skin Lighteners
With patience you can diminish sun spots at home by adding a concentrated lightening serum to your skin care regimen. Ever since hydroquinone was banned in other countries for potentially causing cancer, cosmetic companies have unearthed naturally brightening ingredients such as licorice root, willow bark, kojic acid. They’re gentle yet powerful. Best Bet: Arcona Brightening Drops ($35)

Forget the scene in Sex and the City where Samantha shows up to Carrie’s book release party looking like a boiled lobster. Lactic, glycolic, and Vitamin C peels will instantly brighten skin tone and impart radiance to a dull complexion without any redness or downtime. They're ideal for beginners or instant gratification, but usually require a series for the full effect.

Lots of spas offer photorejuvenation treatments (code names: IPL or BBL) and for good reason. When administered by a skilled practitioner (do your research!), these light devices target, lift, and bust up pigmentation like nobodoy's business. Your skin will look covered in coffee grounds for about a week, then flake off leaving a more eventoned complexion.

In just 30 minutes (hence its lunchbreak appeal) microdern exfoliates the top layers of the dermis leaving it with fewer sunspots and acne scars, smoother lines, and that coveted red-carpet glow. Downtime is nill and the results are instant. Even better: You can get them all summer long without worry of adding sun sensitivity.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
It goes without saying, but just so we’re clear: No fancy lightener or laser are worth the investment if you don’t protect your skin.That means wearing at least SPF 30 dailyl, plus a hat if you plan to be outside. I'm psyched about Coola's new-and-improve mineral line, which is 70% organic, water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and feels like a luxe lotion.


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