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Over the Moon for Half-Moon Manicures

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The half moon manicure hit a few years ago when stars like Dita Von Teese started to wear them and they’ve taken the nail polish world by storm!  This high fashion, almost upside-down French manicure is a great way to do simple nail art and still keep it classy.  Use different shades and finishes to really spice up your manicure!

To do this manicure you will need at least 2 polishes, but since I like to have a different color on each hand, I used three.  The colors I chose were all Milani in Beach Front, Orchidia and Silver Stilettos.  You will also need a sheet of reinforcement stickers which you can find at any office store or most drug stores!

First up, paint the color you want to be in the small, half moon shape against your cuticle.  I wanted something sparkly as the little accent, not the main color so I used the Silver first.  It’s better to use the color with the least amount of coverage for the first step since in the next steps, you will be covering up 75% of that shade!  Now you need to wait a few minutes for this coat to dry or you can always use a fast dry top coat to speed up the process!

When your base color is mostly dry, it’s time to start placing your reinforcement stickers!  Make sure you put the sticker against the skin of your palm and pull it up a few times to make it less sticky before you are ready to place the sticker on the nail, that way you have less of a chance of pulling up the base color!

Now it’s time to place the reinforcement sticker on the nail.  Depending on how high you put it will depend on how large your half moon is.  I have fairly small nails so mine aren’t that large but if your nails are longer, you may want to make them higher.  The trick here is to make sure the sticker is all the way down on your nail so the polish won’t seep underneath it!

  Once all your stickers are securely attached to your nails, it’s time to paint!  Use a color that’s as close to full coverage as you can get because you don’t want to do multiple coats for this part.  Slightly paint over the edge of the sticker upwards towards the free edge of the nail for maximum coverage and for a clean half moon effect.  Wait just a couple of seconds before peeling off the sticker carefully!

Now it’s time for your favorite top coat and you’re done!  You have a perfect half moon manicure that will be the envy of all your friends!  Enjoy!


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