Feeling a bit stuffed? That just means it was a good Thanksgiving. But before you go do something drastic—like starve yourself for a week or drink lemon water for eleven days straight (see: Master Cleanse)—try one of these detox shortcuts. They may not give you supermodel abs, but they that will leave you feeling energized and healthy after a holiday of carb-loading and couch crashing.

Brush Your Body. Our bodies eliminate a significant amount of toxins through the skin. Encourage the process by using this ancient technique, which exfoliates skin, improves digestion, reduces cellulite, and increases blood and lymph circulation. Think of it as a daily detox. For a natural-bristled brush (not the hair kind), I like Earth Therapeutics. For instructions, visit
Cleanse Your Colon. Yes, we’re going there. Although the idea of warm water coursing through your intestines may make you squeamish, there’s a reason why so many celebrities and health junkies get regular colonics—they give you that clean-slate feeling and leave your belly flat as a board.

Drink Your Veggies. Because goodness knows you haven’t been getting enough of them at all of those holiday parties. Play catch-up with a daily dose of green drink mix added to your morning smoothie, or—if you’re brave—a glass of water. Available at most health food stores, these powdered veggie blends are packed with probiotics and more vitamins and nutrients than a salad bar.

Get Sweaty. If you’re not on the Bikram yoga bandwagon, try the downward-dog free DIY bath soak recipe at The hydrogen peroxide and fresh ginger increase sweat and encourage toxin elimination.

Say Hello to Superfruits. Remember when Marc Jacobs seemed to go from frumpy to svelte overnight? He credits part of his transformation to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic and certified nutritionist, and his then-little-known health secret called “superfruits.” These time-honored fruits, including açai and goji berry, improve natural energy (oh-so-essential on a detox), gastrointestinal health, and antioxidant levels in the body. They’re super-potent, contain no sugar or additives, and are now readily accessible, thanks to Dr. Duncan’s new line of juices and supplements, Genesis Today, which are available online and at a number of popular retailers. I’ve also been reaching for them instead of sports drinks, soda or coffee when I’m feeling hung over! 

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