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Product Review: Butter London Patent-Gel Top and Tails

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Here at Divine Caroline HQ we're self-proclaimed nail polish junkies. We love playing with new polishes and finishes, so when Butter London Patent-Gel Top and Tails landed on our desk we couldn't wait to try the super-shiny finish. Find out if this topcoat and basecoat combo lives up to the Butter London name.

Julep Millie

Butter London Patent-Gel Top and Tails is the perfect combo for the girl who likes shiny nails one night and matte digits the next. True, this top and base coat give your nails a gorgeous, patent-worthy shine. But, topcoat and basecoat are supposed to keep polish from chipping. It didn't. I tried this combo with Julep's Millie. Because of the hype surrounding Butter London—and the price, a whopping $40!—I expected more from this product. Still, the packaging is so pretty you might like to own it for the bottles. Cheap decorating: Yes. Great basecoat and topcoat: No. —Rachel

LCN cream Polish

At first swipe, I was impressed by Butter London's Patent-Gel Top and Tails basecoat and topcoat. The texture was thick, spread easily, and gave an amazing shine that you typically associate with gel nails. I used a light polish that required three coats. Surprisingly, my nail polish and the accent stayed through hair washing, multiple rounds of dishes, zipping zippers, and the usual chip-causing culprits of day-to-day life. At the end of the week, however I did notice one hang-up: The polish started to separate on my nails, creating tiny cracks in the color. From a distance, my nails have lust-worthy shine. But look closer, and you'll see my winter manicure is as cracked as my cold-weather lips! —Hilary


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