Some of the coldest days of winter are hitting and my skin is feeling it. After finding a hand cream for my dry hands, I got to try Ellovi Body Butter ($26) to heal the rest of my weather-damaged skin. Body butters are not created equally; some are just tubs of lotion and others smell like the perfume section of a department store. This vegan body butter stands outside of those categories.

Ellovi makes its body butter with six natural ingredients and no added water. Beyond the usual uses, Ellovi says its product’s non-pore blocking formula works as a facial moisturizer, makeup remover, and sunscreen, among other things. I tried it out on my arms, hands and face:

Arms: After a about a week of use, my arms are smoother and my elbows are less raw. The thick lotion comes out of the container a bit like cake frosting and has a light, nutty scent. It goes on smoothly but has an oily texture and never feels like it has completely sunk in.

Hands: Because it is all-natural and non-scented, it did help the eczema on my hands. However, I couldn’t stand to use it on my hands because of its oily finish.

Face: Taking a leap of faith, I did try Butter out as a facial moisturizer. The thick, oily formula is too much for a daily moisturizer, but would work wonders as a night mask.

Butter’s thick formula works best as a maintenance tool during an at-home spa day rather than a daily moisturizer. But with a concentrated, vegan formula with a list of ingredients I can pronounce, this body butter is worth trying out on your worn or sensitive skin.


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