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Product Review: NP Set Day-to-Night Palette

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I'm the type of person that usually opts for the drugstore quad of eyeshadow rather than spending cash on a whole palette. Since I usually only use four colors, I was convinced that buying a large, 24-shade set was a huge waste of money. But 8 shadows? I could handle that. When I first took home the NP Set Day to Night Palette, I was looking forward to the fact that most of the colors in the palette were ones that I used on a daily basis. I'm a huge fan of golden browns, warm shimmers, and deep-hued purples.

This palette has both of them. On the left side, there is a quad made up of a gold, highlighter cream shimmer, neutral brown, and a dark shimmery purple. This is the 'day' side. On the right side, the 'night' palette has the same dark shimmery purple (twice!), a light mink, and a deep charcoal. (The middle section contains a blush and bronzer.) This was one of the first problems I had with the palette. Why waste three out of eight shadows on the same color? We really don't know.


When I first applied the day shadows, I expected for them to blend easily. The shimmery shadows seemed to be full of sparkles. Unfortunately, I got a bunch of glitter with a little color. The champagne color highlighter was full of shimmer--a little too much, in my opinion. In order to get all of the glitter from the gold, I had to apply the shadow numerous times. Even after testing the shades on my arm and then applying them, I felt like the shimmery champagne and the dark purple were the only shades that did anything for me.

I tried a second time, because I'm a "fixer." This time, I applied the shadows immediately after putting on a primer. I used a slightly wet brush, hoping it would pick up more of the pigment, and this time, my results were better. The gold wasn't overpowered by the purple and champagne, and the shadows complemented my eye shape and color.

Going into the 'night' palette, I was a little hesistant. What could I do to make this work without going too dark? I applied the shimmery mink under my brow and in the corner of my eye, then I used one of the dark purples to slightly dust my lid. Finally, I blended the darkest color (charcoal) into my creases. Because I applied these darker colors with a light hand, I think I got a better result. The colors look great and the purple tones really came together for a sultry, smoky eye with shimmer. 

I didn't use the bronzer, because the color matched my skin. I tried the blush, and it wasn't great. It was chalky, and it didn't blend well. Instead, it sat on top of my skin. 

If I were to purchase this, I would use the eyeshadows, but not the blush or bronzer. And although I didn't have a good experience with this palette, it hasn't turned me off from all palettes. I will try again.  


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