Okay, I’ll admit it – for the most part, I don’t love super hero movies.  I don’t know why because it seems like they would be right up my alley, but except for a few of the big blockbusters that have made their way into my favorites, I don’t really find it necessary to see them.  But last week I found myself front and center at a showing of “The Avengers” and even for a non-believer like myself, that was a good movie.  Even more shocking, they showed the trailer for the new Spider-Man movie before it and I kind of want to see that one too.  I know!  What is happening to me?!  So you can imagine how hard I giggled when I stopped by my ULTA afterwards and saw that OPI has a new collection that ties into the movie called “The Amazing Spider-Man.”
As collections go, it’s kind of interesting because while the colors all have catchy Spider-Man-esque names, the shades are all very different from one other and there isn’t really a theme to them, per se.  (At least, not one that I can figure out).  There are seven different colors, including one new shatter shade, which actually kind of surprised me because after its wave of popularity last year, I kind of thought shatter was on its way out.  Guess not!  Here are the shades in the collection:
-Your Web or Mine? – A pearly pink
-Into the Night – A dark midnight blue
-Call Me Gwen-ever – A bright coral (very on trend at the moment)
-Just Spotted the Lizard – A dark yellow-green
-My Boyfriend Scales Walls – A bright white
-Number One Nemesis – A sparkling nickel
The shatter shade is called Shatter the Scales and is a deep green shimmer.  It’s definitely pretty, so if you’re still on the shatter bandwagon, it’s worth picking up. 

For me, the two standouts in the collection are Just Spotted the Lizard and Number One Nemesis.  They’re both much more unique than the other shades and from what I’ve read online in a few places, they’re also very close to being dupes for two previously released limited-edition Chanel polishes, Peridot and Graphite, so this is a much, much more affordable way to wear those shades.  (I did buy Graphite at the time, but can’t find my bottle right now to compare it, and I never actually pulled the trigger on buying Peridot when it was on counters).  From what I could tell in the display I saw though, other people feel the same way I do because there was only one bottle left of each of those shades, while the other colors in the collection had at least four or five bottles left, so if you’re lusting after them, don’t wait.  Like all good things, they’ll eventually come to an end…


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