I’m the worst at packing. I completely over-pack no matter where I go, and I always have the unfortunate luck of packing completely wrong for what the weather will be like in the place I’m traveling to. Case in point—I crammed an entire suitcase full of heavy sweaters for Christmas on the East Coast and it’s been in the high 50s here for a week. I’ve had to alternate between the two lightest shirts I bought and now I’m so sick of them, I just want to burn them. See? I’m terrible at it! I am, however, fabulous at packing perfume because if I like a scent, I grab a small bottle or rollerball so I can easily take it with me. So while I may not have had a lot of clothes to wear this trip, I’ve had my pick of scents and here are the ones I’ve gotten the most compliments on from my friends and family.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift definitely didn’t strike me as a scent I’d love when I first heard about it, but I was totally wrong. It’s not teenybopper-y at all, and I love the purple and gold bottle (even the rollerball comes in the same color scheme!) The scent itself is fruity and sweet, with notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry. Very, very pretty.

CLEAN’s Warm Cotton Travel Spray is my favorite of the CLEAN scents for the colder weather and it’s super-convenient to travel with. It’s only $15 for .5 ounces, so it’s perfect for tucking into your bag and it smells amazing—so fresh and, well, clean. It’s a perfect scent to wear when you don’t want to overpower the people you’re with. I love it so much that sometimes I even spritz it on before I climb into bed. (I know, I know, that’s totally wasteful, but I can’t help it.)

I adore all of the Harajuku Lovers scents, so the Wicked Style Mini Rollerball Coffret is the perfect solution for travel because you get a bunch of fragrances in one little package. For $15, you get five tiny little rollerballs— one each of Love, Li’l Angel, Music, Baby, and G. They’re very small, but they’re the perfect size for a short trip and they fit anywhere (even in your pocket), so they barely take up any space. Plus, you get to pick whichever one of them suits your mood on a particular day. Perfect for the over-packers like me! 

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