Some simple spring flowers a great way to dress up a manicure! You can use any colors you like to make it subtle or bright and give a floral feel to your hands.

First, make sure you have all of your items set up. For this manicure you will need at least three polishes: a base, a petal color and a center color. I also like to use a different color for one nail for a fun accent. You will also need a piece of wax paper, a bobby pin bent at a 90 degree angle, cotton balls, and nail polish remover. Don’t forget base and top coats, too!

Begin by painting two coats of your base color. For this tutorial I used my favorite light pink (and the first polish I ever bought), Essie polish in Fiji, to get a light but bright background. You can wait for your base color to dry, or if you don’t have much time, you can use a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite to cut down on your drying time and go to the next step.

Take the color you want to use for your flower petals and put a few drops on a piece of wax paper. For the purple petals, I used Playdate from Essie’s 2012 Resort Collection.

Dip the edge of the bobby pin into the polish drop and start making the petals on your nail. It’s best to put five dots in a circle to make the flowers look even. Re-dip the bobby pin for each dot so that they will all be roughly the same size. After your first flower is finished, you can see where you want to place the next one. Continue to make your flowers on each nail, making sure to leave a space for the center color. Play around with placement of the flowers, and experiment with even making half flowers on the edges!

It’s best to clean off your bobby pin after every five to ten dots, depending on how fast the polish dries, so it doesn’t get too gooey and mess up your flowers. Don’t forget to drop more polish on the wax paper if it starts to dry!


If you want to make the flowers a different color on the accent nail, now is the time to do it. Put a few drops of the color onto the sheet of wax paper as you did for the first color. I used Essie’s Smooth Sailing because it’s a bit darker than the purple flowers and has a nice shimmer to it. Make sure to clean off your bobby pin between colors! Use the accent color the same way you did the original flowers, making 5 dots in a circle for the flower petal leaving a space in the middle for the center color.

When you are finished with all the petals, let them dry for five minutes or so. You’ll see that each cluster of dots looks like flower petals and leaves open a space for the center color to go in.

For the last time, take the color you will use for the center (in this case Essie polish in Blanc), and put a few drops on the wax paper. Make sure you cleaned off your bobby pin so you don’t blend colors. Take the bobby pin and dip it in the white and place your last dot in the center of the clusters of dots. It makes a perfect center for your flowers and really pulls the look together!

Let the centers dry for a few minutes before adding your top coat of choice. There you have it, perfect little flowers that are easy to make! 

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