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Six Skincare Products Worth the Splurge

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If you’ve ever been sucked in by pretty packaging and fancy-smelling lotions (guilty!) then you know: When it comes to skincare, price is rarely an indicator of effectiveness. That’s not to say you should expect miracles (that’s what plastic surgeons are for), but with these worth-every-penny products you will see visible, glowing results.

La Prairie Visible Cellular Power Infusion ($475 for a one-month supply)

I realize we’re venturing close to mortgage territory with this price tag, but it’s the going rate to transform your skin in one month. I was shocked by how smooth and creamy my skin looked after just a few days. That’s the work of the Skin Renewal Peptide, which helps your skin produce new cells, thereby restoring itself to its youthful glory.


Kate Somerville Exfolikate ($85)

The products put forth by celebrity esthetician Kate Somerville never disappoint, and this enzyme-based scrub is the best of the bunch. Like a mini microdermabrasion treatment and peel in one, it delivers facial-quality glow and clarity in 30 seconds flat. The next best thing to seeing Kate herself.


La Mer The Eye Concentrate ($165)

How do I get rid of dark undereye circles? is a top five question I hear as a beauty editor. My answer is always the same: more sleep, less sugar/alcohol/caffeine, and this eye cream. It’s the only—and I mean ONLY—product that has ever brightened up my dark circles while also sufficiently moisturizing and softening fine lines. It’s the jam and the jar lasts forever.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic ($145)

The antioxidant serum by which all others are compared, this potent vitamin cocktail protects against free radicals while undoing all manner of sun damage. No other over-the-product has faded my broken capillaries and sun spots so quickly and thoroughly. Wearing it daily is like insurance for you skin.



Arcona Basic Five ($198)

You know how your skin practically radiates light when you sleep 10 hours, practice Bikram yoga, and live on salmon and spinach alone? No, me either. But skin nirvana can be yours if you stick to Arcona’s face-changing skincare regimen. The cold-pressed, small-batch line literally reprograms your complexion to function at its absolute best.  


Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream ($160)

I can’t believe I’m about to tell you to buy a $160 tinted moisturizer, but I am. And it is SO much more than a tinted moisturizer! It hydrates, protects, and blurs all manner of imperfections—all the while evening out your skin tone using self-adapting pigments. You’re left with this flawless dewiness that suddenly makes such a splurge seem like a no-brainer.

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