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Smoke It Up

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I’m a huge fan of a good smoky eye. When it’s done well, it looks so classic and sultry—it’s the perfect way to get in the mood to go out at night. I especially love a smoky eye when it’s paired with a simple outfit, like a classic little black dress and a fabulous pair of heels. Simple and perfect.

I’m not great at creating the look on myself (though I’m getting better!), but I look infinitely more skilled if I’m using a palette that’s made specifically for smoky eyes. (I think choosing shades to pair up is harder than it seems, so any time the decision has already been made for me, it’s a plus). My new favorite premade palette is Too Faced’s Smokey Eye Shadow Collection ($36). I was lucky enough to grab one of the last ones at ULTA, and I was able to use my 20 percent off coupon for it, so I was really hoping it would turn out to be good, and luckily, it did.

The palette has a total of nine different shades in it, and they’re grouped into three different pairings—Day, Classic, and Fashion. They’re exactly what they sound like: Day includes shades appropriate for a lighter look; Classic is your classic black and gray colors; and Fashion puts a little bit of funkiness into the smoky eye with dark blue and purple shades. The shadows are all really pigmented and blend well; just be careful that you don’t go overboard with them since you can easily overdo it with shades this dark. 

Like previous Too Faced shadow collections, this one also includes how-to cards that helpfully give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the different shade combos to create the perfect smoky eye. They do a great job at telling both novices and experts where to place the colors and how to blend them for the best results. (How great would it be if all products came with these?)

If you’ve bought any of the other Too Faced shadow collections, you know that their packaging was always kind of bulky. Luckily, someone must’ve been listening to the (silent) complaints in my head, because this new collection is much slimmer and easier to carry around than the other ones. You can actually toss this one into your bag for the day, and it’d be super quick to pack if you wanted to take it on a trip. Your new perfect smoky eyes can go anywhere! 

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