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Spider Web Manicure for Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with spooky themed nails?  This spiderweb nail art is easy to do and looks great on all of your nails or just as one fun accent nail for Halloween!

I like using an orange base since it is Halloween themed.  You will also need at least one nail art striper in either black or silver (or both if you are feeling daring) or a polish in those colors with a thin nail art brush.

First, you need to paint your base color.  I chose Illamasqua Gamma, a gorgeous bright orange creme polish. Allow your base coat to dry for a few seconds before moving on.

Start by making a diagonal line across your nail.  This will serve as the basis for your spiderweb.  Try to make the line quickly so it doesn't get too thick, the more thin it is, the more detail it looks like it will have!

Make at least 2 more diagonal lines all stemming from the original one.  How many you make will depend on the width of your nail bed and how thin you make your lines.  Be sure to leave a little bit of space between them for the next part of the web!
(Step 4)  Now, it's time to connect the web!  Slowly connect each of your original diagonal lines with horizontal lines between them.  This is what makes it really look like a web!  Start at one side of your nail bed and connect them so they almost make a half circle on your nails.  Experiment with making them more curved or straight to see what looks best on you!
 Connect all of your lines and wait for it to dry for a few minutes before sealing it with your favorite top coat and voila!  An easy spiderweb manicure to get you in the mood for Halloween!



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