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Spring for This Polka-Dot Manicure!

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Looking for a cute and easy spring manicure?   Want the perfect manicure for Easter Sunday?   Look no further than this easy tutorial for polka dot nails using all items you probably already have in your house!

First, prep all of your items.   For this manicure you will need at least two colors, one for your base and one for your dots, and feel free to add a second color for different color dots on an accent nail!   You will also need a piece of wax paper, a bobby pin bent at a 90 degree angle, and a cotton ball.


Paint your base coat and then do your manicure with whatever you want to be the main color of your manicure.   I like to do a lighter color and then something bright on top.  Here, my base is Zoya Nail Polish in Marley, a lavender with a hint of shimmer.   Any pastel would work well for a base for this spring manicure.  

After waiting a few minutes for the base color to dry, put down a piece of wax paper and put a few drops of polish for the polka dots on it. For the polka dots, I chose Zoya Kimber for a bright pink shimmer!   (You may need to repeat this step throughout the manicure, depending on how fast it dries.)

Take your bobby pin and gently dip one end into the drops of polish.   It helps to do a few test dots on the wax paper to get a feel for how large they are and how to do them.   Once you are comfortable, it’s time to start making your polka dots!

The easiest way to make your polka dots match up is to do a vertical line of them, spaced far enough apart so your next line can alternate evenly.   Once the first row is done, make your next row so the dots go between the first row, spaced evenly apart.   Continue this until your nail is covered in polka dots!

After each nail, it’s best to take a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover and clean off the edge of your bobby pin so it doesn’t get too goopy.   Also, add more polish to the wax paper if it starts to dry.

If you want to have a fun accent nail, do one finger’s polka dots in another color.   I used Zoya polish in Zuza for the turquoise accent nail to give it a playful feel.

The last step is to wait a few minutes for the dots to dry so you don’t smear them and then add your favorite top coat for extra protection and shine.   Feel free to try this with your favorite shades for spring, just remember it works better if your base is light and your polka dots are not too sheer!

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