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Structured Cuts: Not Just for Summertime

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Rumor has it that ladies want to go short in the summertime, but I find it to be the opposite. At least for me, I like the idea of being able to pull every last hair up into a bun/pony/braid during the hot months, so leaving it long is the way to go.

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The reason I bring this up is that for the moment, I'm doing at least one or two drastic changes for my clients every day at the salon. Starting in October every year, I start to see my female clients coming in ready to ditch their long hair, for a shorter, more structured cut. I haven't figured out exactly why, but I've put some thought into it and realized that women dress more structured in the colder months as well. Blazers, button ups, boots, jeans, etc, when in the summer it's loose linens and light cottons. Summer calls for flowy clothes and flowy hair, I guess! Plus how cute is a bob popping out the bottom of a beanie?

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What are your thoughts? Do you like a shorter cut that's clean and polished for the winter, or a warm blanket of long hair to keep your warm? I like to think I'd go for an on-trend classic short 'do for the cold months, but who am I kidding? My hair is rarely shorter than halfway down my back. But I do blow dry it straight more when it's cold! I consider it my structure compromise.

Anne Hathaway certainly pulls of both long and short with the greatest of ease...

My favorite cut right now is the long bob. Two clients brought in a picture of Marissa Tomei's last week alone!

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That reminds me...I need a trim!


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