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Subscribe to Beauty Treats in Your “Box” With Birchbox

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For those who are always looking forward to seeing what’s new from top beauty brands, this monthly sample subscription program may be just for you.

For a $10.00 monthly fee, Birchbox delivers four to five handpicked beauty product samples directly to your mailbox. The fee includes shipping and everything inside; if your box contains a product sample that you love, you can conveniently purchase the full-size item on the company’s website.  

I have been subscribed to Birchbox for the last four months to test out the service. I do love the presentation of the box from inside out. However, the value of the items in the box really ranges in value. Two of the four months I felt like I got more than my moneys worth, but the other two, I wasn’t as excited with the contents. I have looked forward to receiving my box every month, and am always eager to see what great items and brands the Birchbox program can introduce me to. What is $10.00 anyway? Two lattes? Looks like another justification for this beauty junkie. Can you justify it too?

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