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Summer Hair: Short or Long?

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In the warmer months, I definitely do more short 'dos for my clients at the salon than in the winter. It gets so hot and humid here in New York and people will do just about anything to keep cool. Short hair does a fine job of staying off of your neck, not to mention it looks just plain fresh and sassy. I admit I've considered a pixie a time or two on a ninety-five-degree day.

But on the other hand, long hair can be entirely pulled up off your neck too. Think of the pony, bun, and braid possibilities. I love going for a jog in the morning and being able to get every last hair up in that high ponytail, twisting and pinning for a messy summer updo, or braiding and tucking for a little romance in the hair department.

It's a battle I fight with myself (and my hair) every year when it's warm out. Short and sassy? Or long with endless up do options? I usually go for long, but I admittedly spend a good part of my summer coveting the girl with a short and sassy crop.

What's your summer hair?

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