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Summer Look: Mermaid Hair

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I love having long mermaid hair in the summer. Not only is it convenient for putting up in buns, braids and ponies, but I also love how it looks left down and natural. Long, wavy hair with sunglasses, an airy dress and strappy wooden clogs … that’s my perfect summertime look. I’ve been growing out my hair for two years after cutting a chin length bob, and I’m finally near mermaid territory again. Just in time for summer!

The nice thing about mermaid hair is that it’s beautiful and sexy, but also casual. It’s not over-blown or over-curled, which takes only a little effort to achieve and even less effort to get it to hold. 

You can achieve mermaid hair in three ways: air drying, blow drying, or using a curling iron.

Air drying works best for those with natural wave. I part my hair in the center (the best part for mermaid hair), apply product and then keep my fingers out of it until its dry. Then I shake it all around for volume.

To get this look with a blow dryer, flip your head upside down and blow-dry your roots for volume. Flip back up once your roots are dry, then twist sections to form loose waves. Keep blow drying each twisted section until the hair is dry. Shake it out for volume and piecey-ness.

The last way to get this look is with a one-inch curling iron. Take different size sections and loosely wrap them around the barrel. You’re going for more of a “bend” than a real curl with this technique. When you’re done, shake it out—like I even have to tell you!

Mermaid hair is all about texture, so make sure you find a good product to get that naturally tousled look. As always, mousse is a great foundation product, but my absolute favorite for beachy mermaid hair is Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist, which makes me want to grab a shell bra and roll around in the sand.

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