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Summer Polishes: Nailing It

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It's almost summer again—another season has come and gone—which means that it's time to bust out all of your brightly colored nail polish. (I'm lucky because Los Angeles is hot year-round, but if you've just lived through a long winter, you're probably stoked to pull out all those brilliant shades). I've been testing out some of this summer's newest colors for a few weeks now and here are my picks so far.

Zoya's new Summer PixieDust collection is amazing. Amazing, I tell you! I was obsessed with the first PixieDust collection that came out earlier this year, but this one is chock full of colors perfect for the hot weather. With six different colors—Solange (a gold metal foil texture), Beatrix (a tangerine metal sparkle), Destiny (a coral metal sparkle), Liberty (a blue sugary sparkle), Miranda (a rose sparkle) and Stevie (a violet sparkle)—this collection just screams beach beauty. All of them have the "famous" PixieDust texture, which is totally unique—textured, matte, and sparkly, all at once. The shades are so fun that I almost want to put one on each finger so I can wear them all at once. When you apply, don't use a base or top coat with these (kind of a bonus for us lazy people!), you don't need it! If you do apply more than one coat, let each coat dry completely before you apply the next one to get the full effect of the texture.

Butter London can sometimes be hit or miss for me. All Hail the Queen is my all-time favorite neutral shade, but some of their more wacky colors leave me cold. This summer, their collection added a shade that made me "ooh" and "ahh" right there in the store. Glitter fans everywhere (of which I am proudly one) are definitely going to want to get their hands on Bit Faker. It's a full-coverage bronze glitter and it is absolutely gorgeous. The really nice thing about it being a bronze glitter as opposed to say a neon glitter, is that you can rock it on both your fingers and toes without them looking too wild. 

Illamasqua's new Speckled Nail Varnishes can be tricky to find, but if you do track one down, grab one (or more!) on the spot because they are so, so pretty. There are five shades total—Speckled Tan, Pink, Lilac, Green, and Blue—and they're all gorgeous, but my absolute favorite is the Speckled Tan. It's a funky color, while still being neutral enough for the office. The speckled trend is fairly fresh, but you can probably find it pretty easily in a few other brands—Hard Candy has several inexpensive shades, so if Illamasqua is a reach for you price-wise, check them out.

Now that you know my top picks for this summer, what are you wearing? I'm always looking to add to my stash!


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