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Super-Cute Ladybug Finger Nails

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Do Ladybugs have a PR rep? Cuz they're potentially the only bug considered cute.  Anyway, here's how to get these cutesy creatures on your fingernails. 

For this manicure you will need a red nail polish, a black nail polish, a black nail art striper (or very thin paintbrush), a white nail polish, something to make dots with (I use a dotting tool but a bobby pin would work) and a piece of wax paper!


First start by painting your nails red. I wanted a bit of shimmer so I chose OPI Danke-Shiny Red from the upcoming Germany Collection however either a shimmer or a crème will work as long as it’s a bright red!  Wait a minute or to for the polish to mostly dry before moving on.

Then, use your thin paint brush dipped in black polish or your nail art striper to make one straight line down the center of the nail.  You don’t want to make this too thick because it’s meant to be the separation between the wings.

Use the same paint brush or nail art striper and make a very small, slightly curved line across the tip of your nail.  Don’t make it too straight or it will look like a French manicure but curve it up slightly so it will look like the head of the ladybug!

It’s now time to add the signature ladybug black dots!  I used Fingerpaints Black Expressionism because it’s nice and opaque.  Put a drop of black polish onto the wax paper and use your dotting tool or bobby pin to make dots on the red portion.  You can make as few or as many dots as you like and have them in order or not!  It’s up to you!  Don’t forget to use a cotton ball dipped in remover to clean off your dotting tool after every 10 dots.

The last step is to put a drop of white polish onto the wax paper for the eyes.  I used NARS Shiro-Nuri because it’s an incredibly opaque white.  Use your same dotting tool to dip into the white polish and place one dot on the black tip of your nail on either side of the middle line.  Add your favorite top coat and voila!  Ladybugs on your nails!

Ta-da! To-die-for-cute nails!


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