I freely admit that I’m not the most conscientious user of makeup brushes. I want to be, especially because I have a ton of them and whenever I use the appropriate one my makeup looks SO much better, but in the morning, when I’m already sleep-deprived and just trying to get through my first cup of coffee so I can make another one before I put my makeup on, the last thing I feel like doing is searching for the right blending brush for my eyes or a lip brush to give me the perfect red lip. I usually just grab whatever brush is closest and make do (although I freely admit that this sometimes backfires, like when I used a very skimpy brush to give my cheeks some color and looked in the mirror to find two BRIGHT pink circles where my cheeks used to be. It was tragic). So you can imagine that when Tarte sent over their new Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush, I didn’t really plan on using it. I put it in my bathroom, just in case, but for the first week I had it, I didn’t even glance at it in the morning, just used my fingers to smooth on my foundation like usual. And then this past weekend I was lounging around getting ready with plenty of time to kill and I decided to give it a whirl and you guys, it is awesome!
To use it, all you do is put some of your foundation on the back of your hand (about the size of a quarter) and then pick up a small amount on the brush by gliding it over the liquid. Then you simply brush it onto your skin. Voila! Perfect, flawless looking skin in about a minute. It works the best if you start at the center of your face and blend outward, but that’s not absolutely necessary. It’s also best to work it into your skin by using soft circular motions (those of you who already use mineral foundations should have this down pat by now) but again, it’s not completely necessary. I absolutely love the way this method makes my skin look. It really does seem like it’s almost been airbrushed or photoshopped, except without the expense or the hassle or taking much longer than my usual finger application method. (Plus, the bristles are super soft and feel really nice when you’re using it.) I usually just blend in a tiny bit of under-eye concealer afterwards, dust my face lightly with bronzer to make myself look a little less pasty white, and go. So easy! I definitely won’t be without it from                                                                                                   now on and at only $32, it’s a worthy investment that everyone can afford. I love
discovering new things I can’t get enough of! 

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