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Three Adorable Winter Hats

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In the dead of winter, I need accessories and hats to liven up my winter blues. I love wearing toboggans, knitted turbans and felted wool hats when it's frigid out...and gets dark at 4:30pm (not to mention!). Call me silly, but a cute hat is all the encouragement I need to have an awesome day.

Here's a little round up of some hats that I think are the bees knees.

Pilot Hats. I call these "Grumpy Old Men" hats. I've been loving this style over the last few years and think they're so cozy and timeless. They look great with your hair down or in braids. How cute is this one with a heart?

Knitted Turban. The turban has got to be my favorite hat trend of the last two years. This knitted Turban from Anthropologie looks so chic and warm. What a great way to make the ordinary old beanie more feminine!

Felted Wool Sun Hats. I love the idea of the floppy hat having a winter version. Some winter days aren't grey at all, but very sunny! My eyes and skin are sensitive to the sun, so I like protecting my fair skin and eyes with hats. You know what? You hair needs protection from the sun too. Your colorist will thank you when the beautiful color she has given you lasts longer without any fading from the sun. This floppy wool hat comes in 12 colors at American Apparel. I adore this one in Dijon!

Are you a fan of the winter hat? Along with soup and a perfect mug of hot tea, they're my favorite part of the whole season!


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