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Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs

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With the temps rising in the summer, I often suggest growing out your bangs to my friends and clients. They curl up in the humidity and get frizzy, and who needs the extra hair on their face to make them even hotter? Sweaty bangs isn't a good look for anyone. So unless you are in a well air conditioned building around the clock during the warmer months, it might be a good idea to leave the bangs on the long side until fall comes.

First thing you want to do, is get inspired with some photos. Find some styles that you like of bangs of the longer, side swept variety. Reese Witherspoon always does them nicely! Next, schedule a bang trim with your stylist. I do bang trims all the time without taking any length off. I recommend my fringey clients come in about once a month for a touch up while growing out their bangs. It helps to thin them out during the inbetween stages so that they're not just heavy chunks of hair in front of your eyes/face. The razor achieves this better than any other tool. Don't be afraid of it!

Within no time you'll be able I pin them back, sweep them away, or braid them into a pony tail resulting in a hair free/much cooler forehead!

I'm itching for bangs and keep reminding myself to hold out until October when it cools down a little! For now, I'm so happy to have them out of my forehead's way.


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