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Try This Super-Easy Diagonal Tape Manicure!

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Ever wonder how you can spice up a manicure in a simple way? Want to add a little something extra to your nails? Look no further than everyday Scotch tape! A diagonal tape manicure is one of the first nail art ideas I ever tried and it’s so simple, anyone can do it!

Start off like you would any manicure with clean, bare nails and your favorite base coat. Here, I used one of my favorites, Seche Rebuild, since my nails need a little extra strength these days. Next, choose your starting color. I find it’s best to start with a lighter color first. Here I used China Glaze Kinetic Candy from their spring 2012 Electropop collection. Blue is a huge color this spring, and this is one of my favorite affordable options.If you are doing this tape manicure all in one sitting, then a fast dry top coat is a necessity. Seche Vite is my favorite fast acting top coat, with virtually complete dryness and hardening in under 15 minutes. Make sure your polish is completely dry before you move on to the next step.

As soon as your nails are dry, take a small piece of tape (the length of tape you need will vary depending on the length of your nails, but you can practice to see what length will work best) and put it against the palm of your hand. Pull the tape up and place it against your hand several times until most of the stickiness is gone.Place the tape so it lays diagonally against the nail from one corner to the other. Make sure the tape is flush against the nail with no gaps, however not so tight that a gap forms on the edge where your finger meets your nail.

Take your second color and paint the part of your nail not covered by tape. I find it easier to start with the brush on the taped portion and painting upwards, it helps prevent the second color from getting under the tape and ruining the effect. For the second polish, generally you should use a darker or brighter color, and it should be a polish that is mostly opaque in only one coat. For this manicure, I used OPI I Have a Herring Problem from spring 2012’s Holland Collection—I liked the idea of staying in one color family but using different finishes and shades!

Immediately after painting the exposed portion of your nail with the second color, gently peel the tape from one corner. It’s very important to do this before it dries, so it doesn’t pull the polish up!

Now it’s time to top coat your entire manicure and enjoy! Play around with different color combinations—whether you want to stay in the same color family like I did or try different colors and finishes, a diagonal tape manicure is a fun and easy at home manicure that can really dress up your look!

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