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Turn Back Time: Daylight Savings Beauty

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If, like the rest of the country, you’re feeling a bit off your game today thanks to daylight savings, here’s good news: You’re not alone. The bad news, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, “Much like traveling between time zones, the changing of the clocks requires our bodies to adjust to a new sleep and wake schedule that feels similar to jet lag.” Super.
While we’re never going to get that hour back or eliminate our current dazed-and-confused state, why not make the most of what little shut eye you are getting with products that work while you sleep?

You always hear about celebs slathering on a moisture mask while taking the redeye from LA to New York, so why not do the same while you sleep? Whether I leave it on for ten minutes or ten hours, Yonka’s Masque No. 1 ($58) takes ten years off my skin, restoring it to its former radiant glory.

A beauty-obsessed friend of mine treats her hair once a week with L’Oreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment ($9). It’s especially effective if you’ve been hitting the heat styling tools a little too hard. Unlike most leave-in treatments, which tend to be oily, this sulfate-free gel formula absorbs well, leaving pillow cases pristine. Wash it out in the morning and enjoy softer, smoother tresses for days.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it bears repeating: Slather your hands and feet with a rich cream, then slip on some 100 percent cotton gloves and socks to help skin soak up the nutrients. I like Weleda Skin Food ($18.50) for its natural, plant-based ingredients.

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