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The Tweeting Bra

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Photo courtesy of Nestlé

If your breasts could tweet, what would they say?

We have a few ideas, but Nestle Fitness thinks there's one thing we should all be tweeting about: Breast cancer awareness.

The Tweeting Bra is designed by Greek company OgilvyOne Athens and contains a mechanism that sends a tweet everytime your bra is unhooked. The sensor beneath the clasp sends a signal to your cellphone, which sends a signal to server, and then tweets a reminder on your behalf.

What sounds like the brainchild of 15-year-old boys everywhere is actually a clever marketing ploy to get people talking about monthly breast self-examinations. The social bra is meant to serve as a reminder to take your health into your own hands, literally.

The campaign already has people talking on Twitter. You can follow @tweetingbra or tweet with the hashtag #tweetingbra.


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