At What Age Did You Start Coloring Your Hair?

I’m always jealous of a girl with a great natural hair color. Personally, I couldn’t wait to start doing highlights, and I begged my mom for probably three years before she finally caved. I don’t blame her for being hesitant, because she had some pretty good arguments to back up her case— it’s expensive, it’s a lot of maintenance and there was always the risk of damaged hair. I wanted my hair pulled through a cap like so many of my friends had done, but instead I settled for spraying lemon juice on my hair before going out in the sun. (BTW, don’t do that!)

This excitement wasn’t because I wanted to go wild and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with my hair. It was really just because I don’t like my natural color. It’s ashy, boring blond—the blond that you might call “dirty dishwater” (I always preferred to describe it as “sandy” because I hate doing the dishes and don’t need the reminder). My hair was made to be highlighted.

When I was almost seventeen, my mom finally gave me the green light. I got highlights for the first time and I’ve honestly never looked back. I might feel differently if I had the gift of natural strawberry-blond or deep brunette locks tumbling out of my head, those being the two colors I’ve always coveted the most! I’ve mostly stuck with various shades of blonde until about a year ago when I finally tried a reddish strawberry-blond. I’m sticking with coloring my hair, and the up-keeping required, happily until my natural color miraculously starts to grow in like this. A few people have told me that isn’t going to ever happen (like, ever), so I’m holding tight to my colorist and her precious bottle of developer.

What age did you start coloring? Are you waiting for grays to appear before you give in? Do you go natural or wild?

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