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What I'm Loving This Month

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You guys, I had to put myself on a budget for the past few months. It was HARD. I don't want to sound too dramatic because in the grand scheme of things, it was nothing, but still, it wasn't fun to completely avoid the mall and not be able to pick up even a lipstick at Sephora if I wanted. I love Sephora! But now I'm back and able to pick up some beauty products if I want, so I am hitting it hard.  I've got time to make up for! Here are the things I've been loving since my self-imposed beauty hiatus (finally) came to an end.

Marc Jacob's Honey fragrance has hands down the cutest bottle I've ever seen. I mean, it's adorable. It makes me smile every time I look at it. It looks great displayed on your dresser or in your bathroom—way cuter than the normal boxy bottles. And the fragrance inside is equally as great. It has notes of pear, juicy mandarin, orange blossom, peach nectar, apricot, honeysuckle, honey, golden vanilla, and smooth woods and smells energizing and fruity—two of my favorite qualities in a scent. Anything that can wake me up in the morning get bonus points from me. I got a few samples of it before I pulled the trigger and bought a full bottle and I love that the scent lasts all day. This isn't one of those scents that you spritz on and can't smell an hour later. It's really potent, but still light and feminine. Love it!

I've been hiking a lot (I know, I can hardly believe it either) and that means I've been going through a lot of sunscreen because my pasty white self needs a lot of sun protection. I apply liberally before I leave the house and take it with me, just in case. I have a couple favorites for my body, but one of the main ones I'm using at the moment is Neutrogena's Beach Defense. It's a spray, which means that it's easy to cover hard-to-reach places, and it's water resistant, which is great because I may not be near a beach in the canyon, but I definitely sweat like I'm running a marathon.  It really does the job well too—I haven't gotten any color wearing it, which makes me very happy. Pasty white for the win!

Zoya won my devotion forever with their PixieDust formula and their new PixieDust collection for Fall 2013 just continues the love. There are six new shades and all of them are super glittery and sparkly—there's not a bad apple in the bunch. I seriously want to buy backups of all of them just to know that I won't run out. If I had to pick a few though, I think my favorites would be Tomoko, which is described as a "romantic champagne silver with a matte, textured, sparkling metal finish" (Zoya really knows how to make their shades sound appealing, don't they?) and Chita, a "forest green in a matte, textured, sparkling finish). Green isn't normally one of my favorite nail colors, but this one is so vibrant, so sparkly, it's impossible not to grin when you look at it on your nails. It's currently on my toes and it looks amazing peeking out of my favorite wedges. I might even try it on my fingers and that's just crazy talk for me.  

Ahhh, shopping. It's good to have you back!  


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