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Why Do We Cut Our Hair During Life Transitions?

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About two weeks after a breakup, a co-worker friend walked up to me and said "Reagan, I've been thinking a lot about you, and I just wanted to tell you not to cut your hair. You're going to want to cut it. Don't cut it." I sat there in silence and then nodded as she ran off to a client. I kind of laughed about the exchange with a few friends, until the day it all made sense....when the initial shock and sadness of my breakup faded, I found myself desperate for change. I wanted to dye my hair really dark! No, really really blonde! No, I wanted to cut it! All off! I wanted to cut it all off.
I tell you, I was this close. Even to pixie length. The first thing that held me back was the warning from my friend at work. It had me thinking things through a little more sensibly, I need my hair for tutorials, I need my hair because most of my clients have long hair and I want to relate to their product needs and style questions, I need my hair because I just grew it out from my chin, I need my hair because I love long hair. I didn't want short hair, I wasn't even sick of my long hair, I just wanted a change. A fresh start. A way to feel like a new person with a new look to accompany my new life and my new adventures.
Six months in to my break up, and I'm feeling happy, peaceful and like myself. I think chopping my long hair would have felt great at first, but knowing myself, I would have eventually felt unrecognizable and lonely for my curling iron and braids that I love so much. Plus, I found another way to get the change I was craving so much...
..I started wearing pants! Having been a dress and skirts gal, I suddenly found myself wearing pants and jeans all the time. My long hair and I are even wearing pants right now! A little less of a commitment, ha!
Have you had a change in your life that inspired a big hair change?

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