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Why I Hope Ombre Hair Never Goes Out of Style

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It seems that ombre (the grown out highlight look) is here to stay. It's a trend that has gotten more and more popular every year, and I can see why. For many reasons, I hope this trend sticks around..

It's low maintenance. Depending on how the highlights are applied, it can be little to no upkeep at all. This is amazing news for those clients interested in color, but afraid of committing the time, money and damage of a touch up every 6 weeks.

It's natural. If the sun were lightening your hair, the front and the ends would lighten the most. In the world of on the scalp highlighting (especially with foils) you might be seeing a dramatic line of your natural color coming in just a few weeks after the service. With ombre, there is a line, but it's more subtle, which is again how your hair would lighten without the help of chemicals. I'm a big fan of toning the highlights to contrast accordingly with your base. If your base is warm, your highlights should be warm as well.

Less upkeep, less damage. This one is kind of a no brainer…if you aren't processing your hair as often, you're avoiding a lot of damage. As a stylist, nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients successfully grow out their hair to the long, healthy length of their dreams. It's hard to keep your ends tidy when you're a bleach addict, so if you are only doing it once or twice a year, you are really doing your hair a favor.

There's something for everyone. Even if your natural color is black as night, you can try out highlights without the fear of looking like a calico cat within 2 weeks time.

The first time I did ombre was six years ago. I can happily say that I only do highlights two or three times a year now. My ends thank me very much.

Are you an ombre lover?

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