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Why You Should Never Pick Your Split Ends

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If my hands aren't busy at all times, they seem to go straight for my split ends like a magnet. I have gotten pretty good at stopping myself before the picking gets out of control, because I know the damage it costs my hair and I want pretty hair like Blake Lively more than anything else in life...Kidding! (but kind of not kidding..)

I remember being in beauty school when we talked about how bad it is to pick at your ends, and my mouth gaping open in disbelief. "My poor hair, you guys! My poor poor hair!". To explain it in the most simple of ways, picking at your split ends is like cutting your own hair, but without it ever getting healthier. That's right, when you pick apart and pull at your ends, you're snapping off the hair to a shorter length, but instead of the ends being clean and healthy, they're broken and fragile. This means that the damage is just going to continue to spread higher and higher up the hair shaft. So next time you go in for a trim, your stylist is going to have to take off more than you want to get it healthy again.

Doesn't picking at your split ends suddenly sound like the world's worst idea? Same here!


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