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Why You Shouldn't Use Your Kid's Skincare Products

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Mothers are busy people.  From picking the kids up from school to coordinating schedules from dusk till dawn, there's very little time to make a proper meal, much less select the right skin care.  This makes moms just as likely to steal bites of their kids' mac and cheese as it does for them to dabble on their baby lotion.

Pore-Clogging Ingredients
Unfortunately, these products are formulated for children.  In general, children's products are formulated to be extra protective, with potentially pore-clogging ingredients such as acetylated, ethyoxylated, or PEG 16 lanolin; carrageenan; wheat germ oil; coconut oil; and the like. 

Heavy Formulations
In addition to ingredients, children's products are also likely to be heavier.  Many adult products contain extra doses of water or ethyl alcohol to "thin out" heavier layers of product.  But children's products are exactly the opposite, allowed to be thick and heavy and not cosmetically appealing. 

Bottom Line
As a result, their ingredients are more likely to clog pores in adults, leading to acne or irritation.  So stick to your own skin care - and your own food too, if the reports on processed food are true!   


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