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Would You Pay $200 for a Flat Iron?

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I wouldn’t have—until I tried one. The humidity has already made an appearance in my neck of the woods, and I refuse to be a slave to it this summer. In the past, no matter what products I tried— volumizers, velcro rollers, more conditioner, less conditioner, heat protectants, anti-frizz serum, super-strength hair spray—my freshly blown-out hair would go from smooth and straight to frizzy and flat as soon as I stepped outside. I secretly pshawed when my stylist raved about Ghd's hair straightener (how much better could it be than my $20 version?) but when a few fellow beauty queens confirmed that this professional ceramic smoother is their everything, I gave it whirl. In a word: miraculous. The Ghd smoothes in one pass, and leave my locks shiny and silky—not damaged or dry. Most importantly: The straight lasts all day. I do occasionally tote it to the office for pre-happy hour touch-ups, but that's no biggie because it's so lightweight and heats up by the time I've applied my lipstick. Nothing short of a beauty miracle.
Have you used a pricey flat iron? Did it change your life, too? 


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