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Manicurist Katie Hughes, butter LONDON global colour ambassador, created a very wearable look for Thursday's Tadashi Shoji collection presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Shoji's Spring 2014 collection, inspired by liberation and empowerment, is meant to allow women to be confidently feminine and features looks in soft, delicate materials with tiered skirts and lacy shifts.... More
New York Fashion Week officially kicked off today, but things got an early start with a slew of events held yesterday. First up, the 2013 Style Awards, held at the Lincoln Center tents that house many of the week's runway events. At the event, Kate Upton was honored as the model of the year, while designer and Project Runway judge Zac Posen was named top designer. The Style Awards event was... More
I love buying new products for my hair, but I absolutely hate spending money on them.  For some reason, I can easily justify dropping $40 (or more!) on another eye shadow palette—even though I have so many of them that I could probably open my own Sephora store at this point—but ask me to spend $20 on a shampoo or some sort of styling product and most of the time, I just won'... More
You know how sometimes you just get on a roll with certain products and can't stop buying them? I'm experiencing that right now with mascara. Even though I already have a ton of them, I suddenly can't stop picking more up. I'm obsessed with mascara! Drugstore, high end... it doesn't matter. If it looks good, I'm buying it. Here are the ones standing out for me at the... More
You guys, I had to put myself on a budget for the past few months. It was HARD. I don't want to sound too dramatic because in the grand scheme of things, it was nothing, but still, it wasn't fun to completely avoid the mall and not be able to pick up even a lipstick at Sephora if I wanted. I love Sephora! But now I'm back and able to pick up some beauty products if I want, so I am... More
Now that summer's officially upon us, it means that we're all going to be revealing more skin than usual, so it's time to bite the bullet, unpack the bikinis and tank tops and exfoliate the heck out of your body to make sure it's in primo shape.  When it comes to body scrubs, my favorites are always sweet, confectionary-like scents that leave me feeling like I've... More
I am clearly getting old because more and more lately, I just want my makeup to be simple and easy.  Especially when I go away.  I'm heading down to San Diego for a wedding in a few weeks so I'm trying to plan out what to throw in my makeup bag for the trip so I don't have to do it all last minute.  (This also must be a side effect of getting older because normally I... More
Here in Los Angeles, it's sunscreen weather year-round, but now that the summer heat is sweeping across the country, it's time to talk sun protection. (For the record, even when the sun's not out, you should make sure to lather up on the SPF. You're still getting rays on those cloudy days.)  I'm compulsive about using sunscreen every day—as a pale girl, it's a... More
I know I'm a little late to the party on highlighting some of the new summer makeup collections I'm digging, but there's still time to squeeze in some info on my favorites before beach season really gets underway. I'm very excited about everything I'm stumbling across online and in stores. Bright colors, fun new shades—it's all good! Summer makeup has me... More
  With The Great Gatsby out in theaters, I've got 1920s flapper hair on the brain. I've been so excited for this movie to come out, because the hair and hair accessories were all so incredible and intricate during that time period. Combined with Baz Lurhmann's theatrical and over-the-top styling it's a match made in a retro hair and wordrobe loving girl's heaven! I like... More