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Now that Awards Show season is over, let's talk about the best of in the hair department! I've narrowed it down into categories of Short, Up, Down and Bold. These are just the looks that I happened to love, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts on my choices! Photo courtesy Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Short: Anne Hathaway at the Golden Globes. Her short little crop... More
Here's a little tip that will take your "special hair" to the next level. But first, What's "special hair"? For me, special hair is anything fancy that you would wear outside of your daily routine. So, if you were going to a wedding, you might wear your special hair. If you were going to a party, on a date or down the red carpet, you'd definitely want special hair... More
Behind the scenes at NYFW this year there was every type of nail from the natural to the obscure.  Today, I'm going to show you how you can do one of the more obscure ones but actually make it wearable! The ever innovative CND created a ton of different Hitchcock and Kubrick inspired talon like nails backstage for The Blonds.  I thought it would be great to do one embellished... More
New York Fashion Week is known for the clothing, the jewelry, and the shoes. But it was the nail polish that really stood out at some of this year's biggest fall fashion shows. From interesting new nail shapes to some slightly terrifying nail art, the NYFW A/W2013 shows did not disappoint for polish lovers. Backstage at Kate Spade it was all about drama. Deborah Lippmann created a very... More
  Is there anything more relaxing than a nice, long, hot shower?  Nope!  As much as I love baths, they do involve a lot of prep work - filling the tub, picking a bath bomb/bath salt, pouring a glass of wine (very important to the process!), finding a good magazine to read while soaking...  But with a shower, you just hop in and enjoy.  And lately, due to my recent gym... More
Whether you're stepping out with your special someone on February 14 or primping for an Oscars party, these no-budge, can't-fail makeup finds will keep you looking flawless into the wee hours. First thing's first: Create a stay-put palette for foundation. There are gobs of primers on the market, but none as lightweight and silky as Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer SPF 15 ($18-52... More
I love having an event that requires "special" hair. Seriously, the second I get an invite to anything remotely fancy I start thinking about how I'm going to wear my hair. And then there's the makeup. And of course the dress. But back to the hair...what's the point of having a great hairstyle if it doesn't stay past an hour or two? Whether it's for a Valentine... More
Red lipstick and perfume are so overrated. It’s shimmering skin that has the power to bewitch—and won’t rub off on your love or unassuming strangers. When applied with a light hand, these products will give candlelight a run for its money.     1. Liquid illuminators may just be the best beauty invention in the free world. Once you mix a few drops of ... More
Some time unbeknownst to anyone, long long ago, the ponytail became a hairstyle that people considered a lazy 'do. This puzzles me, because a ponytail requires effort. Wouldn't the laziest hairstyle be just plain down and messy, or as my Grandma would describe it, bedraggled? Yes, you can toss it all up into a quick ponytail and never think of your hair for the rest of the day, but... More
Being a nail polish blogger in NYC, I often get asked what the next big trend in nails will be!  In 2011, it was the year of the crackles.  2012 seemed to be the year of the nail art!  I am predicting that 2013 will be the year of the textured nails!   So far, in the first month of 2013 alone we have seen OPI release a "liquid sand" collection, Nails Inc.... More