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There is nothing I like more than a good face mask. I try to make a whole routine of it when I get the chance to useone: run a bath with my favorite bath salts, pour myself a good glass of wine, grab the latest issue of Lucky magazine so I can drool over all the clothes and shoes I can't really afford. It's such a nice way to de-stress and forget everything in my life that's... More
Rumor has it that ladies want to go short in the summertime, but I find it to be the opposite. At least for me, I like the idea of being able to pull every last hair up into a bun/pony/braid during the hot months, so leaving it long is the way to go.   Photo courtesy of The reason I bring this up is that for the moment, I'm doing at least one or two drastic... More
Photo courtesy of There was an undeniable Old Hollywood hair trend going on at the 2013 Golden Globes. Did you notice? The majority of women walking the red carpet had some kind of variation on this vintage look. Just to name a few: Isla Fisher, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Weisz, Kelly Osborne, Megan Fox and Francesca Eastwood. Although I was a little... More
If you spent last year refining your pointy nails, rosy cheeks and red lips, you’re in for a few surprises in 2013—and some of the same. After all, fashion and beauty trends come and go, but you can count on the wearable ones to stick around for awhile.   Red lips go from retro to deeper, sultrier scarlet. The daring among you may push them into vixen territory with shades... More
Thanks to Leighton Meester, I've been inspired to write about bobs. I first saw photos of her with her bob about a month ago, and admittedly exclaimed "Finally!". She is just a girl who pulls off a bob right, I can't quite put my finger on why exactly.   Photo courtesy of First let's talk about what makes a bob. A true bob is considered... More
Unlike eating less and working out more, beauty resolutions are enjoyable and relatively easy to keep. They don't require sweating or eating wheatgrass (though both have beautifying benefits) and the gratification is practically instant. This year, show yourself some well-deserved love with products and treatments that will make you feel and look like a new woman. Repeat after me:... More
We've been seriously indulging in bright reds, glitter and rich jewel tones for the past few months. And the constant use of nail polish remover and staining polish has left our hands dry and nails looking worked over. But the holidays are now officially behind us, so it's time to get our nails strong and beautiful again!   First, you need a good hand cream. The trick to... More
Now that the temperatures have cooled down and we're not so desperate to get all that hot hair off of our necks, topknots aren't such a necessity. However, they're still so effortlessly cool and look great year round, so for fall, I like the half up topknot. It's chic and easy like the traditional topknot, but leaving some hair down just makes it look and feel a little cozier.... More
  The Vampire Facelift  The newest way to nip and tuck doesn’t require a scalpel—just your blood. For Selphyl, aka the Vampire Facelift, a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn, spun to concentrate its platelet-rich plasma, and then injected into unwanted facial lines or scars. The results are immediate and can last 1-2 years, or about twice as long as other... More
In honor of it being a new year and all the many, many articles I'm reading both online and in all my fashion magazines, I've decided to take stock of the beauty rules I live by and also make a list of the ones I've been aspiring to master.  How many of these do you guys follow? 1.  Always taking my makeup off before bed - Not to pat myself on the back, but I... More