Random Encounters

I was shopping in the mall with an old friend who has grown apart from me. I ended up in the passenger seat of my sister’s new white pickup truck on a ski slope. My sister has a temper and she was very nice to me in the dream. She had pictures of us enjoying the ski slope projecting onto the windows of the car. I saw the girl who is going to marry my ex (and was engaged to him three months after we broke up). She was outside the car and I wanted her to follow us for some reason. I wanted my sister to get angry at her. My sister was focused on our good time. I was coy with the girl and told her to to take a tool from my sister’s trunk. We started to drive and lost her. My present boyfriend started following us in an ice cream truck. We lost him too. I ended up walking up a staircase in a hybrid house. I was following my old friend up the stairs and she said the psychic wants me to take it slow. I ended up eating brownies with an old bully and correcting him about how to talk nicely.