Save the Children

I lived in a very large old house, well kept but old greyish kinda old. I just got home and my brother was there telling me to hurry, guess we where getting ready for something.Opened the curtain to take a shower and there was this huge bright green snake curled 4 or 5 high upon itself twisting from startle, turned and saw one red and black and one brownish grey and one slithering up the stairs which appeared to be a Cobra, ran to leave yelling to my brother about the snakes and a bus load of grade school children entered the back door which viewed the front door about 30 or so feet away. The woman with them was trying to tell me something while the kids where being kids…loud and ready to move, much chaos as I was trying to tell her the children must leave at once, did not say why for fear of panic, I finally got them out and I was awoken by an alarm.