Am I Asking for the Moon?

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In 2002, my doctor told me that I had a tiny fibroid about the size of a thumb. At that time, it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal. It was common. I didn’t know that over 77 percent of all women have fibroids so it is a big deal. Over three billion dollars a year is spent on treating women with fibroids. My doctor did not recommend surgery so, over the next six years, I rarely thought about it because I became vegan and thought that my diet and strict exercise regimen kept it small or made it disappear.

2008 was the first time that I had severe symptoms. After a shocking breakup with a boyfriend, I found that I could not urinate. Lucky enough to have friends in holistic medicine, I called a friend to perform acupuncture on me. It fixed the symptom but not the problem. In time, I found myself back in the Western medicine world to confirm what another friend had told me: I had a fibroid about the size of a grapefruit. I had no idea. My small frame never showed any protrusions or swelling. My belly remained flat.

Not feeling supported for alternative choices by my doctor (I resented her condescending tone), I went back to an acupuncturist hoping that this method would shrink the fibroids so that I didn’t have to choose the doctor’s options of some type of incision like UAE or a hysterectomy.

I spent most of 2009 with the acupuncturist trying to shrink the fibroids. It was working but it caused so much bleeding that I had to stop. I didn’t know at the time that if fibroids aren’t completely removed, they multiply. That is exactly what happened to me

Without a consistent mode of healing, I went back to the Western world, this time to my healthcare provider’s fibroid specialist. I was now ready for some choice of surgery but I wanted to keep my uterus in tact. After an MRI confirmed that the fibroids had indeed grown even larger, the specialist gave me a menu of choices which included GnRH drug treatments, like Lupron, Synarel, and Zoladex, hysterectomies, partial hysterectomies; also, new noninvasive treatments like focused ultrasound or uterine artery embolization.

I was still just as confused as before. I don’t want drugs that will induce early menopause. I’m forty-five and I want to enjoy it before true menopause sets in. Besides, once I’m off the drugs the fibroids will return. I don’t want plastic particles inserted in me. Is it bad to be so picky? I mean, plastic won’t even break down in the earth. I think that these methods are great for other people, just not for me. I want my uterus in tact and I want to get rid of the fibroids. Why is this so hard?

I spoke to a person who recommended a doctor in Santa Monica who had removed her fibroids laparoscopically. I wanted this doctor to give me a second opinion. My only problem is I’m out of money and this doctor, after I gave her all of my medical information, wants to consult with me before she can tell me whether or not she can perform the surgery.

I’m not running to her because the surgery would cost me $5,000–7,000 out of pocket, anyway. I recently spoke to another friend who had her fibroids removed from a specialist whose main practice is in Corazol, Belize. She encouraged me to hold out as long as could and wished that there was a way to put me in touch with this specialist, Dr. Charles Edwards. He also practices obstetrics and gynecology in New York, which is where she lives, but only on very rare occasions. He, has so far, been very difficult to reach.

Doctors, I need some answers. According to this doctor’s procedures, there is a way to perform the surgery laparoscopically by cutting off the blood supply to the fibroids first and then removing them. I didn’t get all of the details but my friend had two procedures to remove them. She is now fibroid-free and has recently had a child.

Ideally, my first choice for a procedure would be a holistic regimen with exercise and proper nutrition for someone like me with large fibroids. A company supposedly based in the U.K., FibroidsEtc, has such a regimen. Oh, but it’s $624 every two months. You know, I ain’t got it. I know people need to get paid but wow!

Will someone research this company for me? Is this company for real? If it’s not, people need to know. If it is then I volunteer to try it and have my progress monitored.

If it is, I volunteer and I prefer to be monitored by an Eastern doctor and a Western doctor. I found at least one center that combines both modalities. If it is found to be a fraudulent company then people, women especially need to know about it. If it is a legitimate company and women have shrunk their fibroids successfully, people need to know about that too.

My second choice is again, being the guinea pig. This time, though, I would love to create a tele-educational conference with a medical university in Los Angeles while Dr. Edwards performs the surgery. 

I could be wrong but so far it seems that no one has heard of his type of procedure.

Am I asking for the moon?



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