Anorexia in a Teenager Battle

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I was in eighth grade when I realized how fat and chubby that I was. I had thunder sides, and huge love handles, and a huge belly, although my percentage tile was the eleventh percentage for my height. All my friends said that was skinny and that I needed to eat since all I had was an orange for breakfast, and little bites of dinner. My parents had no clue what was going on inside my head or what I was doing. I tried everything, the natural way to lose weight, anorexia, cutting, and bulimia. The only thing that seemed to work was anorexia.

This went on for months until one of friends took action and researched what I was doing to my body. She also gave me many sights to look up about how much I should weigh for my height. Finding out that my percentile for my BMI had dropped twenty-four percent and twenty pounds started to scare me and I decided to take action by seeing what I could do to stop this thing from happening to me. Now with advice from my friends who have asked their parents about a mysterious figure, I started to get better, since I didn’t have the nerve to go to a doctor, counselor or my parents about this. My journey has just started my way to recovery and that road will stretch for a long way yet.


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