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Are You Angry About Cancer?

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We all know too many people with cancer. We also know that much of the reason for it lies in humanity’s toxic ways, and that we are not the only species affected. While acknowledging this honestly is painful; feeling helpless, guilty, victimized, and poisoned is not a healing place to be! This project originated with a desire for a positive focal point, a wish to move towards healing on both material and energetic levels, a way to begin a healthy response to poisoning—fighting back! This work is suitable for people with cancer, survivors, those who care for and about them, and environmentalists.

It’s a big job, and we must never be too proud to ask for help, in this case from some ancient allies from the fungal world, which have survived at least two mass extinctions in the past. Specifically, we will be working with types of shelf fungi which have shown consistent anti-carcinogenic properties in research; the emphasis will be on planting and propagating them, rather than their use in treatment, but reference information will be available. These incredible fungi actually clean toxins from the environment as well as from within bodies, helping to balance systems on both the macro and micro levels. They are non-toxic and native to Martha’s Vineyard, performing beneficial functions in the forests in which they grow.

If you come to this workshop, you will have the opportunity to make one or several pairs of medicine bundles containing spores of healing plant and fungal allies. Each pair is dedicated to a particular person or group of persons. Although completely suitable for folks of any religion or none, be aware that there will be an emphasis on sacred alignment, intention, and prayer, since our goal is to use each other’s help to shift and bend energy towards healing. Once we have blessed the bundles in whatever way seems best to us, we will plant one from each pair deep in the woods of Native Earth Teaching Farm, along a path that is deeded to be open to the public forever. The other is to take away and plant elsewhere, perhaps with the person to whom it is dedicated, or in a spot they would especially appreciate.

Mycelium is the invisible underground body of a fungus from which the mushroom occasionally rises. It connects and feeds the roots of trees and plants, filters water and soil, and frequently consumes or neutralizes poisons of many kinds. In the same way we hope that our actions and intentions will reach invisibly through our lives, our environments, and those we love with gentle yet powerful energy for healing. We pray that small acts like these may be steps on the path we so deeply desire to take—the road towards a healthy, diverse and vibrant community, island ecosystem, and planet.


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