Bald Adolescent Inspiration

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Think teenager … stereotype flash! You think techno music addict, outrageous dress, face piercings, casual disrespectful comments, defiant, and drama queens. Now think again. Think caring, think loving, think socially responsible, think bald … think Georgia Barlow.

Upon seeing her debate coach/year eight teacher wearing a Beaubeau scarf where her hair once flowed, this Australian teenager was compelled to do something to support her beloved teacher as she battled breast cancer.

Georgia shaved her head on December 10, but not before sending out a personal letter to businesses and individuals in her Northern Territory community announcing the fact that she was shaving her head in solidarity with her teacher, Jodie Springhall, and in an effort to raise $6,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) of Australia.

“Many people tell me that I am brave, but I am not as brave as the patients and families struggling with cancer every day,” wrote Georgia.

Georgia not only shaved her head (and donned a new Beaubeau scarf), but she surpassed her fund raising goal and raised $7,556.80 to support NBCF’s research towards a cure for breast cancer.

“Georgia bares her bald head proudly in public,” says Jodie.

As she should.

4Women is proud to have the honor of accessorizing this inspiring teenager’s and teacher’s bald heads s student and teacher march arm in arm towards a future free of breast cancer. We also are proud to donate to such a worthy and inspiring cause. 


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