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Begin the New Year on an Energy by Sheevaun Moran

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Most people tend to get run down from all the pre-holiday festivities. This time of year is when the body and mind are exhausted and ready for winter rest. Rather than tax your system even more, take this opportunity after the holiday rush to relax a bit and allow the energy that you’ve sent out to family, friends, loved ones create a tone of positive and sharing energy for the following year.

Here are some tips to keep your energy high and healthy after the holiday festivities:

  • Take daily baths with salt and a favorite essential oil (lavender, rose, or bergamot work well to relax the muscles and mind).
  • Eat more greens. After such sweet filled days your body needs the regenerative qualities of greens. If you don’t like greens then take a scoopful of supergreen food blend and drink it in your apple cider.
  • Make an effort to continue giving back to your community in the form of service or donations. Giving is wonderful and can be energetically cumulative by doing so on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Take plenty of water daily to keep your body regulated and releasing toxins that have accumulated.
  • Take a nap and allow yourself the luxury of no television or outside stimulus. This will generate a great deal of good for your body and mind and you will feel reinvigorated.
  • Walk around the block a few times each day. If it’s cold, then bundle up. If you don’t like to go alone, get a buddy to walk with you. Take one of your children and spend time with them walking.
  • Take two minutes a day and just do some abdominal breathing. Learn how to use your breath to restore your body and mind by taking a meditation class.

The year-end is the ideal time to restart and right before the year-end gives your body and brain a boost for the coming year. Join me in giving your body, mind and spirit the refreshment it deserves and you will have the best year ever.


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