Bulimia and Self-Control

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Bulimia is about control. I am saying that because I am a self-recovered bulimic. Five years of struggle and three years of a great and very productive life.

Yes it is true that it may be due to self-esteem issues and other things of that nature, but a good percentage of the girls out there that deal with this illness have a chemical imbalance to deal with, making it difficult to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Chemical imbalances are more common than you might think and they contribute to many an issue with mental health in both the sexes. Bulimia is just one thing that can result from a chemical imbalance and many professionals feel that it is an issue that must be treated with the help of medication. It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you know it or not, YOU have the ability to control your mood, and how you feel, and how the way you feel affects the rest of you.

Sounds crazy, right? I know because I used to think so, too but one of the best bulimia recovery tips a person could give you is to take control of your life—it is all a matter of just doing it. If you make yourself think or believe something enough your body will respond. Here is an example:

Sit and think about the last thing that made you very worried or frustrated. Think about it in detail, when you got the bad news, the events that unfolded, and such. Maybe something bad happened to you or you lost somebody very close to you. After a while, your heart rate is bound to pick up and you may start to have a physical nervous reaction, yet these were just thoughts. The thoughts that you created in your head caused a reaction in your body, didn’t they? You can apply this toward your life in a positive manner, too. The point here is that no matter what you think, you can change the way you feel and the things you do by changing your own thought patterns; after all, nobody has power over your thought patterns but you. The reason why this is, is because when you think positively your body produces endorphins, the brain’s “happy chemical.”

If you can find a way to do so, build up the habit of thinking positively. By doing so you sill have more control than you ever thought possible—control over the chemistry of your body. Positive emotions create endorphins, which make you happier and better able to handle life’s hurdles.

Don’t think this will come right away. It will take practice, but that is with anything worth having. If it rains today even though you had everything planned, you can decide to do something else while it pours and reschedule your plans or do them anyway. The choice is up to you—the rain doesn’t have to stop you. You can control more than you ever knew you could.


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