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Continuing Medical Treatment

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I’ve been to see my new surgeon, his name is Dr. Schlesinger. He runs a weight-loss clinic with another doctor, but that’s not why I’m going to him.

I first met Dr. Schlesinger in the emergency room of my local hospital. He came to see me in an emergency consult regarding an abdominal issue I’ve been having for a month now. Yes, four weeks. It started out as red, itchy skin and an area on a previous surgery scar that was beginning to bulge.

I went to my primary care physician and explained to him I had this area that was not looking so good. He diagnosed it as cellulitis, gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, and happily sent me on my merry way. I was totally oblivious to the fact that it might be something more serious. I filled my prescription, took it faithfully and, yes, the redness subsided, but the “cellulitis” did not go away. The medicine was not helping, in fact, whatever it was that I had was (other than the redness) was actually getting worse.

I went back to the doctor two days later, saw the physician’s assistant, and she prescribed yet another antibiotic, one that was stronger and should help my condition improve. Still no improvement and getting worse.

A couple of days later, the bulge had grown. I went to bed that night knowing full well the bulge would burst and spew forth blood and pus (sorry, too graphic? Well, you haven’t heard the end of gross then. Maybe you’d be better off stopping here and not reading any further). Please be forewarned, it will not get any prettier from here on out and it’s best not to sugarcoat the details. If there is anyone else out there who may be suffering like I am, I want them to know what the possibilities may be for them, hence the graphic descriptions and details.

When the bulge first blew, I thought it was nothing but pus and blood, an infection coming out of a tiny hole and that I would finally get better. Well, needless to say, I did not. I am now in a situation where my body is expelling fecal matter through a very tiny hole in my abdomen. I have a fistula, which is a connection from somewhere inside my body to the outside world.

I was referred to the wound center and a very nice nurse took great care of me, but she, not fully understanding my medical history (despite the fact I divulged all of my surgeries to her), was telling me that I needed to have surgery immediately and that this doctor (who shall remain nameless) would be the best and that I should contact him as soon as possible. It turns out he does not accept my insurance and the doctor I had met in the emergency room does. So, you tell me who I would choose to take care of me.

I decided to call the doctor I am seeing now, and scheduled an appointment with him because he suggested I have some more tests done and I needed to know what those tests were. He met with my husband and I, saying that he was not willing to rush into more surgery for me, he is taking a wait-and-see approach on my condition. Currently it is not life threatening, my life is not in any imminent danger and the quality of my life is pretty normal. So, why risk sending my health into a tailspin when things are going well.

I tried living with an ostomy bag for a few days and it ended up causing me more problems than it was helping. Despite the fact that it was glued on properly, it was not going to stay in place due to my surgery scars. I finally removed it altogether and went back to the gauze and paper tape. More my style anyway, and a lot less smelly.

Mind you, I have had six major abdominal surgeries. Two of them when I was twenty-four, another two when I was thirty, and the last two about six years ago, maybe five … I won’t go into detail as to what those particular surgeries were, but the first four may have been totally unnecessary, to say the least.

I now have the procedures scheduled for next week and I’m on break from work, so it works out good. I can live with my condition the way it is. It’s not as bad as it was, it is getting less so. I’m grateful for all the prayers and well wishes I have received so far. I need more. I’m not finished with this yet. I don’t want to have surgery, but I also don’t want crap spewing from my body on a consistent basis, either.

If you have managed to read this to the end, and not be totally grossed out, I commend you. If you pray, please pray for me and my situation. The more prayers, the better, obviously.

Until next time,



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