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Depression and Anxiety

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My name is Deborah Craig. I’m fifty-two years old and suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I live with it every day of my life, and it really got worse when my twin sister died at the age of thirty-seven. She died alone. I took care of my dad when he had cancer, and my best friend stole my children away from me when they were young. She was never charged with anything, and the judge gave her guardianship because I had an abusive husband that hit me. But I would never hit a child, and they even weren’t his children. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, and I’m writing this story because in the city I live in there is no help to deal with situations like what I have been through. They just have an acute psych ward, where they don’t know the patients. It’s sad that if you’re on Medi-Cal or Medicaid you can’t get any help, but if you have great insurance you can see anyone. I can’t even find a medical doctor that will see me because of the cutbacks, and I hope that someone who reads this article might have some suggestions for me. I just can’t go on like this. People nowadays just don’t care anymore unless you have money, and that isn’t right. People should care about each other no matter what. I hope no one else out there ever has to go through the things that I have been going through. It’s tough to think my life is over and I’m just existing here on Earth; I want to know how to live and be happy.


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