Dreams and Sleep

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Today has been one of those days. I slept so well last night and remembered my dreams.

I washed the dishes, watered the garden, feed the birds and deer, then did laundry. This was my mistake. I placed my Sprint cell phone in a pocket of my house robe and it withstood fifteen minutes of high heat. Am I thankful? Yes, because it was one of the new blue ones.

Sleep is the mind’s way of sorting out events. Sleep works like a commode flushing does for the mind. Did you know this? Our mind has short and long term memory. It decides what to place where.

Sleep also refreshes the physical body. Our bodies are made to work physically and work hard. My degree was in physical education, now called kinesiology. My other subject was sociology. I graduated from a four-year major university with enough credits for a masters. Before this I studied nursing and finished this after graduating from a high school. I went to summer school at another high school to graduate early.

Working on night shifts was hard. I used the curtain material that blocks out light to sleep. Two things that upset sleep are light and noise. Many things cause us not to be able to sleep. Movements, fear, and a very active mind that will not shut off will keep you uncomfortable. So will a lumpy mattress. I love new pillows. I must have my three. I sleep hugging one that supports my back. I had had severe back problems from a car accident and other things. Physical therapy and several chiropractors helped me. They taught me to strengthen the muscles around the spinal column to strengthen my back and it worked.

Eat dairy products like yogurt and lettuce or turkey to make you drowsy. Stay away from stimulates like coffee for about three hours before you lay down.

Only use a bed for sleep and naps. Keep it clean and wash your sheets at least once a week and fluff your pillows. I have found the cotton sheets that have a high thread count are the best. Yes, they are expensive, but my sleep is important. If you are in a marriage, as I am, sex is great to help you either wake up or sleep. This can happen anytime and I have found that talking to each other during sex about what you like and do not like helps the relationship. Sex with no love is just boring.

Count sheep. Meditate, like color breathing or pray. I have found prayer to work. If I cannot sleep I get up and read or do something until I feel sleepy.

Dreams are the mind’s way of sorting through life. Diabetics have low blood sugar and as it becomes low during sleep they will have nightmares. Many times if they eat a cracker with some peanut butter on it, it will normalize the blood sugar and stop this kind of dreaming.

Certain medications interfere with sleep. Many medications for sleep are very addictive and dangerous. Speak with your pharmacist about side effects and drug interactions. Mixing alcohol and prescription drugs can take your life so be informed as your health is your personal responsibility.

Sleep deprivation can make you see and hear things that are not there.

Use a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector and check the batteries once a month. Many house fires kill whole families because they happen when people are in a deep sleep. Have a plan to meet outside and never go back into a burning home. Many firemen find victims in a bath tub. If you are ever in an accidental fire like I was you, will never forget it. You cannot see a thing or breathe. Cover your nose and mouth with a wet rag and get outside. Things can be replaced, but you cannot.

Prevention is so much better than a cure.

To sleep well, sometimes I have to move to another bed or just sleep alone. My dog and cat keep me warm, but you had better make sure they are not flea infested.

Before you sleep, write or think of positive things. Talk out problems with a trusted friend because we all have them.



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